The competition has now concluded.

Welcome to Snowball Esports’ Scuffed OPL Tips.

Please read the FAQs section below. Tipping will run for all 10 weeks of the regular OPL season!

Tips are editable up until the beginning of the broadcast of the FIRST match day each week. Compete for the most prestigious prize in all of Oceania – bragging rights! Plus there’s a 35,000 RP prize pool up for grabs, but clout is more important, right?


Please be aware that as a scuffed tipping competition, we are running a low-tech competition that will not be as automated as you may be used to. Snowball will prioritize the competitive integrity of the scuffed tipping competition when making determinations. Snowball reserves the right to award no points if the game is particularly garbage.

Snowball Esports is committed to maintaining your privacy and will not use the personal information provided for any purpose not pertaining to the administration of the tipping competition.

Click below to be taken to the form for that week and get your tips in before the games start!

Frequently asked questions

Snowball’s Scuffed OPL Tips competition is supported by Riot. Other than the prizing, we don’t have any affiliation with Riot Games Oceania.

All OPL games will be streamed live on the Riot Games Oceania Twitch & YouTube. Full details can be found at https://watch.oce.lolesports.com/.

Since this is a self-admitted ‘scuffed’ system, we’re utilising the Google Forms platform. The reason you need to log in to a Google account to tip is to limit submissions to one entry per person.

You can technically submit multiple times with multiple Google accounts, however any duplicate summoner names will be automatically disqualified when it comes to awarding prizes.

There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize up for grabs, all up 35,000 RP! This is over the entire split, there are no weekly prizes. These will be awarded at the conclusion of the OPL Split 1 regular season.

1st place – 20,000 RP
2nd place – 10,000 RP
3rd place – 5,000 RP

Isn’t clout enough though?

Since the OPL has moved to a best-of-one format for 2019, tipping becomes a little easier to run without all of the margins and technicalities of calling best-of-three series and scoring.

It’s pretty simple, you get 1 point for a correct tip, 0 for incorrect. In the event of ties at the end of the competition, we will look back and calculate winners using three tiebreakers.

1st: Week 10 Countback
2nd: Most number of perfect tipping weeks
3rd: Superior tipping record of 4pm games

Yes! You can edit your tips right up until the broadcast starts on Friday afternoons.

Snowball’s Scuffed OPL Tips competition and specifically the prizes are only eligible for Oceanic League of Legends account holders.

Hopefully soon! It’s a little tougher to build running ladders and leaderboards, we’re still working on things and figuring out the best way to present this sort of data.

Unfortunately not. Since this is indeed a ‘scuffed’ set-up, we don’t have the resources (also the brain power) required to be able to offer this.

Need help? Email [email protected] and we'll do our best to assist!