Brandon “BioPanther” Alexander

Top Laner – Dire Wolves
Added 21st November, 2018

“My name came from merging my old name ‘Mrbiohazardd’ with my favourite NRL team the Panthers so I implemented them both to make BioPanther!”

BioPanther, otherwise known as oplSmile, burst out into the competitive scene after coming into replace veteran toplaner Chippys on the Dire Wolves for Rift Rivals 2018. Playing for Dire Cubs in the first couple of weeks of OCS, he then got his callup to become the starting toplaner for the Dire Wolves in Split 2.

With many doubters, he managed to prove them all wrong, showing himself to be a worthy replacement for Chippys and securing the Rookie of the Split award. He stays on with the Dire Wolves in 2019, looking to make the journey once again with a new breed of players eager to make their OPL debuts.

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