Min “Mimic” Ju-sung

Top Laner – Bombers
Added 9th December, 2018

“In the online game, the monster’s name is Mimic. This monster hide in a box and pretended to be a box, so it was very cute. So I decided it was Mimic.”

Korean top laner Mimic has gone from one AFL OPL team to the next in the offseason, joining the Bombers for Split 1 2019. The ex-Challenger Korea and EUCS player made his first appearance in the OPL with Legacy Esports in 2018, replacing long time top Tally.

Mimic was a crucial part of Legacy’s success in the OPL in 2018 – taking the top 4 Contenders to almost-giant-slayers not just once, but twice. Now donning the sash, he will bring great split push power and individual skill to a Bombers lineup ready to fire upon the OPL this year.

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