Jake “Rogue” Sharwood

Support – Bombers
Added 7th December, 2018

“My name was orginally ‘likearouge’ which was a mispelling of ‘likearogue’ which I used for a Minecraft account when I was 13. When I became a pro I thought about making it ‘Rouge’ but the casters convinced me to make it ‘Rogue’ cause its so much easier to say.”

Jake “Rogue” Sharwood is a top-2 support in the region and is one of the better play-makers from any role. Having played on SIN Gaming in 2016 and 2017, he has experience playing in all types of situations, having played with safe laners like Cardrid all the way up to the feared aggressive partnership he has formed with FBI over recent years.

He will remain with FBI on the new-look Bombers lineup, where his signature Alistar and Thresh picks are a danger to carry any game the Bombers can find him the pick.

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Official Announcement from Bombers

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