Tommy “Ryoma” Le

Mid Laner – Bombers
Added 8th December, 2018

“I copied the name Ryoma from my friend from another game and then realised it was from an anime called Prince Of Tennis. I’ve never watched it.”

Ryoma is a top-3 OPL mid who had been slow-cooking in the challenger and substitute areas of the scene before bursting into prominence on SIN Gaming in 2017. The two-time Chief substitute was once gatekept from the OPL when his Legacy Genesis squad was defeated by the same SIN squad he then joined partway through the first split.

He’s is mechanically gifted, a natural playmaker, and can ruin games for his opposition at a moment’s notice. He has signature Syndra, Taliyah and Azir picks to go with a dangerous pocket Zed that he can bring out.

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