Stephen “Triple” Li

Mid Laner – MAMMOTH
Added 6th December, 2018

“The name Triple is derived from the not so popular triple cheese burger from McDonalds.”

Triple went from one of the best to arguably the best mid laner in Oceania in 12 short months. A standout on Avant’s 2017 lineup, he got the call up to the Dire Wolves for 2018 and did not disappoint, helping lead the Wolfpack to another two titles, a Rift Rivals victory and an All-Star callup for himself.

Now with international experience under his belt with MSI and Worlds in 2018, he joins MAMMOTH as one of the most talented players in the region. Alongside former Dire Wolves teammate k1ng, he stands ready to make an impact in 2019.

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Official Announcement from MAMMOTH

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