Hyun-Jin “Balkhan” Choi

Jungler – Bombers
Added 10th December, 2018

Balkhan is a name you won’t know at home. This unproved Korean jungler has been handpicked by Bombers coach Scott “Westonway” Farmer for 2019. Six months ago, he hadn’t even played ranked, but his meteoric rise through the Korean Challenger ladder to 700lp got him noticed by Farmer, who brought him along to the completely revitalized Bombers squad.

An aggressive jungler, maining Camille, Evelynn and Taliyah in Solo Queue, he will fit well alongside the explosive lanes of the Bombers, allowing the team to capitalise on any enemy mistakes as the Bombers look to improve on their 2018 performances.

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Official Announcement from Bombers

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