Brandon “Claire” Nguyen

Mid Laner – Chiefs Esports Club
Added 10th December, 2018

“Claire is the name of one of my favourite characters from a game, and I thought it’d be fun to have a female name.”

Brandon “Claire” Nguyen was the heart and soul for Legacy Esports since Carbon’s departure from the main lineup. He has a storied history in Oceanic League of Legends, deating back to myRevenge Australia in 2012 before OCE servers even existed. He played for Legacy Genesis in 2015 OCS, securing OPL promotion for the squad before heading off to Japan for a split with Overdrive in the LJLCS.

Since 2017, he’s been a mainstay on Legacy and slowly transformed himself into the face of the League team. Now, Australia’s Rift Rivals hero has joined number one rival Chiefs for 2019, and is looking to grab that OPL victory that has eluded him.

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Official Announcement from Chiefs

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Reece Perry

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