Ian “Corporal” Pearse

Support – Dire Wolves
Added 24th November, 2018

“The internet is where I could be someone else, and as I was thinking of names, I wanted a cool and powerful name. I guess I want to eventually mature into a person worthy of the name Corporal.”

Corporal is a Support main who has skyrocketed into the professional Oceanic scene after beginning his League career in 2017. He was playing in the Oceanic Open League with friends until he joined Emprox in May 2018 to play in the Oceanic Challenger Series as their starting support.

Corporal was then selected to play on the Queensland League of Origin squad in October/November. After a great year, he was chosen to join the Dire Wolves as their starting support for 2019.

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Official Announcement from Dire Wolves

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