Ronan “Dream” Swingler

Added 4th December, 2018

“I wanted my name to be something that would keep me motivated whenever I was in/out game. To remember where I started and where I want to be.”

Dream is an AD main who has risen through the ranks of Oceanic solo queue, partaking in a bootcamp of his own in Korea during the off-season. A dedicated player since he showed up on the scene, he made his debut with Team Lynx in the middle of 2017 before his skills were recognised and he was promoted to the OPL with Sin Gaming for the first split of 2018.

He soon moved back to carry the OCS on Team Intuition for the latter half, achieving the winning title for the regular season. In 2019, ORDER plans to put these skills to good use as they sign him as their starting AD for the next competitive season.

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Official Announcement from ORDER
Sources: Dream heads to ORDER. Tally, Spookz and Swiffer re-sign.

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