Jackson “Pabu” Pavone

Top Laner – SG Esports
Added 10th December, 2018

“Pabu is a fire ferret, a cute cuddly creature from the Legend of Korra. I used to call myself NotoriousPabu, but eventually shortened it to Pabu.”

Pabu is Oceania’s dyed hair specalist, jack of all roles in solo queue and now part of SG as their top laner. Having joined Abyss Esports Club in 2017, he moved onto Avant in 2018, where they fell short of beating Legacy in playoffs by one game in Split 1.

His skill and popularity also earned him a spot alongside Triple at the 2018 All Star tournament. Pabu has always had a reputation as a mechanically gifted player, but proved it when he took down Doublelift, Faker and Rookie, the latter two the best midlaners in the world in the All Star 2018 1v1 Tournament.

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