Jordan “Praelus” Fernandes

Jungler – SG Esports
Added 10th December, 2018

Praelus is a jungler known most known for his Shyvana play, a champion he was notable for one tricking in Solo Queue. He was first seen in Oceanic Challenger play in mid 2016, where he was the substitute for Team Exile 5, subbing into top lane, jungle and mid during the split. After Exile 5 is promoted into the OPL, Praelus joined Sin Academy for 2017 as the starting jungler.

In January 2018, he was signed by the Dire Wolves to replace Shernfire in the first 2 weeks of the split, before he joined Avant Gaming in April 2018 as the starting jungler. In December 2018 he joins SG as the starting jungler.

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