Ari “Shok” Greene-Young

Mid Lane – Avant Gaming
Added 12th December, 2018

“When I was first playing League and watching LCK all the pros had names that were really short and powerful/cool sounding. I came up with Shock but it was taken, so “Shok” it was. I think it’s cooler without the ‘c’ anyway.”

Ari “Shok” Greene-Young is a mid-lane main known for his ability to play unconventional champions. Since first stepping onto the professional rift two years ago at the age of 16, Shok has had a rocky League of Legends career.

After one year competing for Alpha Sydney and Sin Academy in the OCS, Shok made the leap to the OPL as starting mid laner for TM Gaming. The team narrowly missed relegation in Split 2 of 2017 and placed last in Split 1 of 2018 (after rebranding to Tectonic). In Split 2 of 2018, Tectonic fell to Chiefs Academy in the promotion series.

Despite these results, Shok proved that he could compete alongside and against the best in the OPL when he achieved 3rd place with team New Zealand during the League of Origin series. Shok’s pocket picks and work ethic could be what Avant needs to give them an edge in Split 1 of 2019.

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Andrew Amos

Andrew Amos

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