Samuel “Spookz” Broadley

Jungler – ORDER
Added 3rd December, 2018

“I got the inspiration for Spookz from a WoW Arena player called Pookz. Mainly because at the time I really liked his name”

Spookz is a veteran in the jungle of Oceania’s League of Legends scene. He began to make his name in 2013 where he played on Exile5 Eclipse before moving to Team Immunity later in the year. In 2014, the roster left the organisation to form their own team, initially known as Exodus Gaming, but later rebranded as the Chiefs.

He would remain with the Chiefs until late 2017, when he was picked up by ORDER for the 2018 season alongside his dynamic mid laner duo Swiffer. Going into 2019, he’ll continue to play for ORDER as their starting jungler, creating plays on the Rift.

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Official Announcement from ORDER
Official Announcement from Spookz
Sources: Dream heads to ORDER. Tally, Spookz and Swiffer re-sign.

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