Toby “UDYSOF” Horne

Jungler – Dire Wolves
Added 27th November, 2018

“I got the name UDYSOF by smashing my keyboard out of rage when I was 8 on Club Penguin”

UDYSOF went from Diamond 5 to Worlds in 12 months in one of the most meteoric rises in League of Legends history. Getting his competitive start on the Dire Cubs in the 2018 OCS, he got a call up to Tectonic for the latter part of Split 2 2018, unable to stop the New Zealand team’s relegation from the OPL.

After Shernfire’s suspension, he then got the call up to Worlds, where he won his first game. Now settling in with the Dire Wolves, he is looking to maintain that rise alongside some of the best upcoming talent in the region.

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